While serving relationship, many things that can make the journey of love with the couple shaken. If not addressed, this will be the cause of stranded relationship.

If any one of them in your current relationship, get a solution so as not to get stuck in it.

Here are six things destructive relationships as quoted from She Know page:

1. Distrust
One of the main things that can kill your relationship is the lack of trust. If couples do not trust each other, your relationship will not run smoothly.

If you constantly suspect your spouse, or vice versa, the relationship will die slowly. Find out what is causing distrust among you. Speak from the heart to finish.

2. Stress
Many things can cause stress in relationships.
In a stressful relationship, separation will be easily realized.

Discover how to take it out, together with partner or alone. If necessary, open the minds of others will reduce the burden in your mind.

3. Grudge
Do not ever hold a grudge on the couple. If you or your partner hold a grudge with each other, you will be hard to build a common future.

To fix this, you need to talk about why you hold a grudge. If you need a third party to help you, do it.

4. Lack of communication
The couple rarely communicate with your partner will be difficult to understand.
Express bumps you feel. Start with small things, to things that require significant attention.

5. Always different opinions
You guys are always different opinions about everything. Careful, big quarrel quarrel originated from the small-argument. Take time for yourself and think with cool head to see the relationship with a positive perspective.

6. Former lover
Not beararti you can no longer friends with the former. However, it is better to keep a distance with former lover for not arise suspicion. Tell your partner today, that you and your ex once had close ties in masalalu.

Give meaning to the couple, that your relationship with him has ended.

There are many other things that can kill your relationship, but not everything can be solved easily. Communication is the key to overcome them.


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