California - Scientists discovered a new type of supernova. This finding was found after researchers examined six very bright explosion of old stars in outer space. Like what?

The blast was 10 times brighter than ordinary supernova. After the explosion, a cloud formed into 'seed' primitive galaxies. This finding could help scientists investigate the process of galaxy formation.

"We're researching a new type of supernova that has never known," said researcher Robert Quimbydi California Institute of Technology. "Right now we only know the size of the explosion was very bright and hot range 10-20 thousand degrees Kelvin."

In addition, the spread of the explosion reached 10,000 kilometers per second, she added. Quimby also says, this new type of supernova has a low hydrogen content. As a result, it took 50 days for the effects of the explosion disappeared.

"Surely there are factors causing these supernovae could be very big," he said.

Meanwhile, French astronomer said Francoise Combes, a new supernova is very attractive because of its light shine 10 times brighter other supernovae.

Quimby began his studies in 2005 when he studied SN 2005ap supernova whose light 100 billion times brighter than the sun, and two times brighter ordinary supernova. The results and findings of the study was first published in June 2011 issue of the journal Nature.

Scientists Discover New Type of Supernova


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