Arizona - Once again Apple sued over use of the product name. This time iCloud became targets.

iCloud, cloud computing systems Apple sued by iCloud Communications, a leading provider of cloud computing storage from Arizona. The company is sue Apple for stealing the name 'iCloud', a business product with the same service.

As reported by The Next Web, Apple's products and services named 'iCloud' almost equal to the product produced iCloud Communications, the companies 'cloud' that had stood since 2005.

Audiences are generally more associate 'iCloud' as an Apple product, rather than iCloud Communications, so iCloud Communications feel aggrieved.

According to the Department of Patents and Trademarks United States, iCloud Communications have not yet registered trademarks. But yesterday the company as of June 10 will still submit claims to the Arizona Court of any Apple profits derived from the name 'iCloud'.

Previously, Apple was also frequently sued for release of products beginning with 'I', among others, in 2007, Cisco sued Apple for naming the product 'iPhone', then in 2009 charged with Fujitsu over the naming of 'iPad', and by Innovative Media Group in 2010 upon products 'iAds'

Apple Accused of Stealing iCloud


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