'Mr. Idol 'will be featuring Jay Park, Kim Soo Ro, Park Yejin and U-KISS as a major star. Filming has been completed and ready for release.

Comedy genre film that tells the story of two producers who work together to form a new band. Unfortunately, members of the band are told as brats search problem.

Filming began on 28 February to 9 June 2011. Filming a fun atmosphere makes the cast feel disappointed because the filming going too fast.

"I am sad and disappointed because the filming process went too fast. I'm very close with another actor. This is the first time in 10 years of my career, I felt like this with another actor in a movie,"said actress Park Yejin.

While the actor Ji Hyun-Woo commented, "the last day of filming was great fun but also very sad. It would be nice if we can all come together." Similarly, as reported by Nate on Monday (6/13/2011).

Hyun Woo Park, referring to Jay that day filming in different locations. "I am also disappointed that the shooting was over. I am very grateful that all the crew and the director were very kind to me," says Jay.

'Mr. Idol 'touted as Korea's first film featuring the reality behind the process of forming a group. The film is scheduled to release in August this year.

Mr. Idol


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