Transformers The third series, 'Dark of the Moon' became the last film for actor Shia LaBeouf as Sam Witwicky. Actor born June 11, 1986 it had had enough wrestling with giant robots that invade the earth.

"Of course, I'm not going back to do it again. I think Mike (Michael Bay, Transformers director) also thought so," he said in an interview after the MTV Movie Awards NME that was launched on Monday (6/13/2011).

The first series of 'Transformers' was released in 2007 and received positive responses from the audience of the film. The film, made ​​at a cost of U.S. $ 150 million it had earned U.S. $ 709.7 million during screenings around the world.

However, the next film 'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen' was considered a failure by some critics. The director, Michael Bay also admits the film is not good enough. However, the second series 'Transformers' was a success in business with revenue earned about U.S. $ 836 million.

"In the second movie, you wonder who is fighting whom, and where you are because it is such a large landscape," says Shia.

'Transformers: Dark of the Moon' will be released in U.S. theaters in 2D and 3D versions on 29 June. Steven Spielberg-produced film that spends U.S. $ 30 million dollars just for the cost of 3D visual effects.

Shia LaBeouf


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