Joo, solo singers who take shelter under the agency JYP Entertainment will be joined in the carpet 'Fantastic Kpop Jakarta', 18 June 2011. Women's full name Jung Min Ju was last duet with Leeteuk 'Super Junior' in a single titled 'Ice Cream'.

Joo are contestants television program 'Superstar Survival' with Sunhwa 'Secret', Junho, Taecyeon, and Chansung '2 AM 'in 2006. At that time, the winner is now joined Junho 2PM.

Although not managed to become a winner, women born October 11, 1990 is still ultimately accepted a trainee in JYP Entertainment and musical skills.

Joo then released the first mini-album titled 'Young Woman' on January 10, 2008. Then a friend Sunye 'Wonder Girls' marks his debut in the Korean music scene on January 11, 2008 with the single 'Because of Man'.

The tiny-bodied singer known as a hard worker. After the 'Young Woman', Joo give up its popularity is rising with the delay appears in the music world because it was not quite ready. She went back to training for 2 years at the agency.

Of that, CEO of JYP Entertainment Park JinYoung wrote in his Twitter account last January 5, 2011, "Joo finally released a new song 'Bad Guy'. After removing the first mini album, Joo was not yet have enough musical ability, so he returns to training for 2 years. What he's a very sweet girl. "

Single 'Bad Guy' was released on January 4, 2011 ago and became part of a mini album titled 'Heartmade'. Video clips 'Bad Guy' shows Chansung, the youngest member of 2PM.

'Bad Guy' gets a lot of criticism from music lovers because Joo several times performing with a trembling voice. Fans commented, Joo experience severe nervousness on stage because it was too excited to be back into the world of music.

"I am very happy because it could re-appear after 2 years. I want to show my hard work over the last 2 years, "said Joo as reported by the Star News on Sunday (01/09/2011)

About his friendship with a member of girlband Wonder Girls, Joo commented, "Wonder Girls a lot to help me and give input. Sunye I and very close. I feel stronger when you're together Sunye". Similarly, as reported by Newsen (02/08/2008).

On May 16, 2011, Joo and Leeteuk 'Super Junior' finally released a single collaboration that has been waiting for the fans, 'Ice Cream'. Video clips 'Ice Cream' featuring Joo and Leeteuk as a happy couple.



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