SAN FRANCISCO - Google's email service, Gmail just been attacked by hackers who allegedly originated from China. The perpetrators allegedly also shot some email services, especially those that run Microsoft and Yahoo.

Internet security company, Trend Micro launched such indications as reported by straitstimes, Saturday (04/06/2011). Target being targeted by hackers are Hotmail and Yahoo Mail.

"There are a variety of new attacks on popular Webmail platform," said senior researcher at Trend Micro, Nart Villeneuve.

"In addition to Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo Mail also has been targeted. The attack was apparently carried out separately. This has some significant similarities," said Villeneuve.

Google's own campaign claimed hackers who attack its services originating in China. This attack broke through a few hundred email accounts, including senior officials of Government of the United States (U.S.), military personnel, and political activists, especially in South Korea. (FMH)


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