Seeing the figure as the bespectacled young wizard in Harry Potter, it seems the fans will be a little surprised to see the daily appearance of Daniel Radcliffe is very different. One of them is a young actor enjoy smoking habit!

21-year-old star was seen standing on a street corner in New York, wearing dark jeans and black leather jacket. His appearance comes with matching sunglasses and shoes. That attract attention precisely he who is enjoying his cigarette while listening to songs through the iPodnya.

Daniel Radcliffe SmokingFortunately, a bottle of Vitamin Water, which stuck in his arm showed at least the actor is still concerned with his health. Radcliffe himself known as a smoker. Reportedly, the actor used to spend about 20 cigarettes a day, a habit that started since he was a teenager.

Previously, Radcliffe was allegedly smoking marijuana, when some photos of her that were smoking, laughing circulating in cyberspace. At that time, the spokesman stated, "Daniel was smoking, but only regular cigarettes. He did not do more than this."


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