World's Cheapest Tablet PC Ready ReleasedTablet computers that touted the world's cheapest reportedly ready to be launched in India. Sakshat tablet, thus its name, sells for $ 50. Very far from the iPad or Galaxy is not it?

Tablet developed the Indian Institute of Sciences and Indian Institute of Technology This plan will initially be priced at USD 35. But in its development experience price increases.

However, when it was launched, the price will actually be cheaper. Because the Indian government plans to subsidize that price tag shrinks to half a tablet, which is USD 25.

What kind of specs this 7 inch tablet? By using a 800 Mhz ARM processor 11 and added other features such as 256 of RAM and 2GB ROM.

As quoted from Technorati, Thursday (16/06/2011), about 10 thousand units of tablets is planned to be shipped this June. Then 90 thousand units will soon follow.

The tablets are made available to bridge the digital divide among Indian students. The tablets are specifically sold only to educational institutions and not available in the common market.


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