FacebookFacebook is reportedly working on a secret project with Apple. Rumor calls, her name is Spartan Project. Later, Facebook applications will be based on IOS HTML 5.

As quoted from Gizmodo on Thursday (06/16/2011), this is still a rumor because there has been no official explanation from both sides.

Eight developers reportedly working on this secret project. Some of them were recruited from the company kind of Zynga, the creator of Farmville. Surely a more interactive content will be a mainstay up with a sense of HTML 5, which would be present in IOS later.

If it is true, get ready to say goodbye to some of the Flash application on Facebook. Because Apple is preparing a new surprises with HTML 5, and everything will work on Facebook.

Previously, Apple CEO Steve Jobs once said the reason why the iPad not compatible with Flash. According to Jobs, Flash potentially undermines iPad battery life. According to the man who was ill with cancer, the battery will only be able to last 1.5 hours with Flash, from the first 10 hours.


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