Vendor rival Nvidia, AMD announced a competition to expand the coding contest OpenCL based applications and architecture AMD Fusion. The prize total is $ 50,000. Interested?

"We're at the turning point in the computer industry with the development of a shift in chip architecture and programming interfaces and industry standards, allowing developers to get an incredible new experience," said Manju Hedge, corporate vice president, AMD Fusion Experience Program, according to information on Thursday (06/16/2011).

He continued, coding competition is the beginning of a new wave of application development software community, because they make use of heterogeneous computing on multiple platforms.

AMD Technology Accelerated Parallel Processing (APP) (formerly ATI Stream) is a set of hardware technology and advanced software that supports OpenCL, and provide high-GPU parallel computing capabilities. AMD Fusion APU technology combines a multi-core x86 with DirectX 11-capable GPU.

In addition to the SDK, contestants will need the latest Catalyst drivers AMD which includes a runtime compiler OpenCL.

Interested? Find out more info on the following link

AMD held OpenCL Coding Contest


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