A study found that the human image is easier to remember than the spectacle.

"Images are not necessarily beautiful people will remember," said MIT researcher, Phillip Isola. Although visual memory is subjective, but apparently the same between individuals have a tendency to remember something.

Aude Oliva, professor of cognitive science that the human brain can remember thousands of images with excellent detail, but not all pictures will be remembered.

Researchers develop display room 10 000 images, landscapes, streets, people, etc.. Then hundreds of participants have to look at it on a computer image sequence repeatedly, and they were asked to mark on images that have never appeared, and then calculated how many images are repeated.

After investigation, it turns out on average every participant can recall similar images. "Each participant vary her memory, but on average they remember certain images," said Oliva.

The result, most people remember is the photograph that there is human image, followed by pictures of people in the room, then drawing the object at close range. Figure sight easily forgotten.

This study is useful in design science, for example to mendasain interesting book covers, or for photographers to produce images that people will remember.


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