The human brain is an organ that works very hard to be accessed and tampered, even by the owner himself.

Neuroscientist David Eagleman, says that humans have a very low level of awareness of his own brain would work. Author Incognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain added that it's good news and represents the excess of the brain organ. Because if we can consciously enter into brain function and fiddling with the system works, we may be able to stop the function or movement of certain body organs. Fortunately, our brains have 'security system' which is very high.

Humans, for example, Buddhist monks are highly trained ones, can not control his brain working. He was able to control breathing, heartbeat and blood flow. But, just like other human beings, their access to organs of the brain is very small.

Eagleman likens the sophistication of the brain as a computer security system that can not be uprooted. Like we are not able to enter the computer boot sector, because it can not break kemanannya access.



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