There is a strange event that rarely happens. Saturday (06/04/2011) and then, there are 6 inches of snow in Hawaii, precisely at the peak of Mauna Kea, one of the island chain of volcanoes in Hawaii. In fact, the idea itself is now more summer.

Snow on Mauna Kea summit in June, including out of the ordinary. Snow also been found in July, August, and even end of May. "Snow in June for the first time this happened after about 30 years," Ryan said Lyman, weather experts from the Mauna Kea Weather Center to Life's Little Mysteries.

The snow caused a huge storm caused by warm air meeting cold air above Mauna Kea. According to Steven Businger, chief meteorologist of the Storm Evolution and Energetics Research, University of Hawaii at Manoa, the storm associated with cold air falling from the upper atmosphere.

In the meantime, said Lyman, a warm surface air rises and cold air meet in the upper atmosphere. "That's what causes the storm ... and snow," he said.

Businger confirms that the appearance of snow was not a strange occurrence. "It often happens, but usually in winter, not summer,” explained Businger further.

Mauna Kea has a height of more than 4,200 meters. "At that height, on top of very cold temperatures throughout the year," said Businger.

Daily temperatures at the top of Mauna Kea throughout April to November range from -17 degrees Celsius to 15 degrees Celsius. "So there is snow during the spring and summer, including normal," said Businger.

Weird Snow Down in Summer


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