The violence that occurred in various parts of the world, deliberately wreak its action in women. Here are some hell on earth that should be avoided women.

One of the most dangerous place for women is Afghanistan. In addition to the rampant violence, lack of health care and poverty, making this country is not very feasible for couples who want children, especially female.

In this country, because the childbirth mortality rate is very high, because doctors do not have extensive access. Women do not get right the economy. Not to mention the ongoing conflict.

"Women who want to voice her suffering or appearing in public about gender stereotypes, such as women journalists or policewoman, many are intimidated. In fact, some of them were killed," said Chairman of the Women Change Makers, Antonella Notari.

Based on a survey by Thomson Reuters Foundation in order to launch the site TrustLaw Woman, these countries are following the Republic of Congo Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Somalia.

The high level of sexual violence against women, especially in eastern Congo is no law, making this country occupies the second position. One study says, more than 400 thousand women were raped in this country every year.

In fact, the United Nations (UN) called the Congo as the rape capital of the world. Human rights groups said the militants and the soldiers targeting women of all ages. Starting from a three-year-old girl to grandmothers.

"They raped her in turns, sometimes using bayonets and some fired guns in the vagina of women who were raped," Thus says the study.

Pakistan occupies the third position because of cultural practices, ethnicity and religion that are harmful to women. Thomson Reuters poll said the punishment for women including acid attacks, the girl who was forced to marry and physical punishments such as stoning.

Divya Bajpai, an adviser to reproduction at the International HIV / Aids Alliance said the murder rate is often called the honor and early marriages, among the highest in the world. "Every year, thousand Pakistani women were killed because of this," he said.

As for India, surprisingly, was in fourth position. India investigation bureau estimates that by 2009, about 90% of human trafficking in this country. There are about three also commercial sex workers (CSW) of which 40% are children.

Meanwhile, Somalia's chaotic political situation, are in fifth position. The death rate due to birth, rape, female genital circumcision la Somalia, as well as lack of access to education and health, is the cause.

Although surprised, the Minister of Women Somalia Maryan Qasim said he was surprised India can be above Somalia. When I first presented the results of this research and have not opened it, Qasim assumed the country would occupy the top position.

According to Qasim, the most dangerous thing that happened to Somalia women are pregnant. When pregnant, the chance of his life 50-50 because there is absolutely no care for pregnant women. No maternity hospital, health care and whatever.

"Not to mention the rapes that occurs every day and the circumcision of women to every girl. Poverty and floods, also fights which means these women could be killed at any time," said Qasim.

Thomson Reuters Foundation's Chief Executive said Monique Villa, hidden dangers such as lack of access to education and health is a very dangerous thing." As a physical danger he concluded.