TOKYO - A Japanese climber who got lost in the mountains of Nepal said that she could survive by eating plants and pray.

Makiko Iwafuchi said she strayed from the path of ascent on May 25 while hiking near Lake Gosainkunda, northern region of Kathmandu.

49-year-old woman from Tokyo was running for a few days, looking for others as well as shelter.

Local residents found 13 days later when in a small cave.

"When sata heard no sound of people, of course I think it is a miracle. I pray to God and thankful to everyone," she said as reported by the BBC on Monday (6/13/2011).

Police and soldiers who received the news that Iwafuchi disappear immediately do a search, but they could not find any trace of him.

"For two days I did not move. I live in a small cave, I always think about what food will I eat if I could come back." she said.

"I eat leaves, bamboo shoots and drink plenty of water. I pray that if I survive I will change. I would be better to others and generous," she continued.

Makiko Iwafuchi


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