Scientists may find the answer to why spiders have a lot of foot, exceeding their needs. Excessive foot was so feet of reserves. Thus the results of a study published in the journal Naturwissenschaften.

The researchers got datah that 10 percent of all spiders in nature have a foot incomplete. "At least they lost one of their eight legs,” explained Alain Pasquet from the University of Nancy 1, France, involved in research. Furthermore Pasquet and his colleagues wanted to determine the effects of leg loss of spiders.

The research team then collected 123 spider Zygiella x-notata - 60 have eight legs, while 63 lost one or more legs. Each spider was given its own box so they can make a nest. Pasquet and his team found that nets made of spider-legged incomplete not differ with artificial nets full-legged spider.

Then, the researchers put the flies in the box to see the hunting skills of spiders that lack legs. As a result, the spider will still have the capability disabled hunting and prey is perfect. "We were shocked. We expect to lose the foot affect the hunting ability. In fact not at all," said Pasquet.

Based on these findings, researchers believe the spider has a foot in excess of their needs. The amount of this surplus into profit when one or several predators destroyed their feet.

The researchers also found a limited number of feet that "may" be lost. In nature, researchers have found a spider with five legs. In the laboratory, these spiders build webs in a haphazard

The spider Not Always Need Eight Legs


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