It is said that most men prefer women physically. Many of the men who can not wink because glued elegance and beauty of Eve.

But what you do not know, the guy turned out to adherents of simplicity and that's what he liked about you.

aroma Body

Sex appeal of women will increase dramatically in the presence of a distinctive scent. Men will never let you go when your body already smelling.

Aroma body is a true charmer, especially when using the perfume in accordance with their respective characters. Mmm ... there is no more reason to stay away from your man, because she likes you what it is. The rest depends on your individual personality.

Strange habits

Everyone has a strange habit of each. Maybe for others, it is disturbing. But for the couple, it was adorable and funny.

Example, if your wife complains about the bad habits that always leaves a trail bra anywhere - on the door handle, chair, on hangers’ bathroom, and much more - just remember you are a casual habit of putting old socks.


Smooth, seamless, and smooth. That's the opinion of the majority of men about women's feet. Big, small, long, short, everything is still of interest to them. Men like to feel your feet touching. Softness can make a man crazy and straight knees.

Natural Beauty

Every woman vying for draining the contents of your wallet to buy makeup and dress up their faces to look beautiful. Not wrong, but men prefer originality.

Men want you to look naturally beautiful. Equally beautiful, but when wearing makeup, you will not look like ourselves as we are.


Flat and toned tummy is interesting. But many fans really well rounded belly. The important thing is the softness of you who madehim mad at you.


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