Tips Hot Water Bath not Make Dry SkinWhen the rainy season and the air is cold, it feels most comfortable if our hot water bath. But you should be more careful because too often the hot water bath is also not good for the skin.

Our skin consists of three layers, including the subcutaneous, dermis and epidermis. Hot water affects the top layer of skin, namely epidermis. The epidermis is essentially composed of skin cells containing keratin, the same substance that forms hair and nails. Cells called keratinocytes are not only providing a strong defense of the environment, but also help the skin to retain moisture. To help keratinocytes to maintain humidity, the body produces a thin layer of oil. Well, the outer layer of skin cells and oils that include the stratum corneum. These layers are harmed when you’re hot shower. Why is that?

First, the heat from the water makes the natural oils on the skin soft, like butter that soften and melt when heated. When the mixture is exposed to soap, oil barrier on the skin will peel off. Indeed, the oil barrier is also dirt and sweat can make a paste, which eventually lead to body odor. But without oil, the moisture on the skin easily vanishes. Your skin becomes dry and itchy. The more hot water and the longer you bathe, the faster this process occurs. The more moisture will be lost.

When you finish a shower, maybe you'll feel the skin feels a bit itchy and red. That is a sign that your skin starts to dry. When this is done regularly, you may feel that your skin is scaly. If you live in cold areas, hot showers and even exacerbate the problem. You know, the skin of people living in cold regions tend to be dry. Therefore, hot water bath will further reduce moisture.

Well, if you cannot stand the cold, you can still really hot shower. Just do the following trick:

1. Make sure you do not shower too long, the longest 10 minutes. Then, keep the water temperature is not too hot (about 49 degrees Celsius or as long as you already do not feel cold). Also avoid using hot water for bathing because it tends to make skin drier than a bath with shower.

2. Use a soap that contains moisturizing ingredients or moisturizer that will help provide moisture to sensitive skin.

3. Out of the shower, do not drain the body by rubbing the body using a towel. Just pat your body with a towel.

4. After that, apply a good body moisturizer. Moisturizer serves as a substitute for the natural oils on the body is temporary, and prevents loss of moisture to the skin. Apply moisturizer as soon as you finish bathing. The longer you wait the more skin moisture which will disappear. If your skin feels itchy, you should not card.

By following these tips, you can see to the condition of the skin moist and smooth. However, if the dry skin condition was getting worse, then try visiting a dermatologist.


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