Justin Timberlake used the MarijuanaIts okay most people think cannabis is not good for health, even forbidden. But, it seems not to Justin Timberlake, because he actually admitted need help from marijuana.

In an interview with a U.S. magazine, ex-lover Jessica Biel admits that he also often smoked marijuana. And Justin had a strong reason why he needed to do this.

"Of course. The only thing that can be done marijuana for me is make me stop thinking. Sometimes my brain takes off. Some people would be better with a hangover," I'm the man who now works as an actor this.

With a career that shot as a teenager, Justin admitted that now he takes 'walk more slowly' to enjoy many things. "I think I'm to the point in my life where I have to look around and think, 'There are so many that can be enjoyed if only I could stand and sit, actually stops and more use of the time," he concluded.


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