After Angelina Jolie called a home wrecker because they snatch Brad Pitt from Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer is now ironically was the one who called that. What are the reasons?

Today, the former FRIENDS star is being established love with Justin Theroux. Because of their relationship, Jennifer allegedly took Justin from a girlfriend who had lived with him for 14 years.

Is Heidi Bivens, a former boyfriend Justin who had to leave the houses they live together for years. Reportedly, because Aniston was then Heidi and Justin's relationship destroyed.

"Heidi and Justin have been together for 14 years. They met when Heidi was 20 and Justin 24 years, and yes, Heidi out of their homes late last week. She would not comment,” said spokeswoman Heidi.

Jennifer and Justin began to close after meeting on the set WANDERLUST last fall. From this, both are reportedly inseparable and several times the camera caught together.

"Heidi's broken heart. He's really cheated. He and Justin are together for years, they even have a house together. Then Justin met Jennifer and everything changed. At first Justin admitted he and Jennifer just friends,” said a source other.

Until this news was revealed, both Justin and Jennifer spokesman declined to respond to breaking news of Justin and Heidi, and the relationships they forged.

Jennifer Aniston called Home Wrecker


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