'WIL' Arnold Schwarzenegger Confess!After a silence long enough, it looks like 'the other ideal woman' from actor Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke. Mildred Baena, women who had been a housekeeper at the residence of Arnold, admitted that her son was the son of the TERMINATOR star.

In an exclusive interview with Hello Magazine, she is familiarly called Patty, admits that she was ever associated with Arnold. However, Patty does not accept that Arnold should be blamed for this.

"I never told him (Arnold). I never told anyone except my mother. It's too much to write how this betrayal Arnold keep a secret from his wife for years, and how he maintains his family home because I know that Joseph was his son," said Patty.

"This is not true. I never told him was his son Joseph, he also never asked, and we never talk about it," said Patty.

When asked if he realized what his father Arnold, Patty said that when she was pregnant, she believed that the fetus was the son of her former husband, Rogelio. But over time, Patty increasingly aware of the similarity with the Arnold Joseph.

"As Joseph grew up, I just know it. But it is increasingly evident from time to time. I knew that Arnold was his father, and maybe when Joseph is getting bigger and more and more like him, Arnold may also begin to wonder. But he never says anything. What is clear and true is that we are undergoing an intimate relationship many years ago, and I was the secrecy, not him," end Patty.


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