Weight loss surgery in older men with obesity makes its age becomes shorter. Or, at least only survive within seven years. According to a study published pages of The Associated Press on Monday (06/13/2011).

Previous studies have found that stomach stapling surgery and other obesity surgery can improve survival after two to ten years. However, a recent study that examined elderly male veterans to the contrary, it reduces with age.

Previous findings derived from studies of younger women. "Almost all the results of previous studies found that bariatric surgery linked to reduced mortality. But the research was done on a very different patient populations using methods that are less stringent," said lead author Matthew Maciejewski of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina.

According to some experts, patients with organ damage due to obesity has long been "accused" as factors that increase the risk of weight decrease operations. "These findings are a bit too late," said Philip Schauer of the Cleveland Clinic's bariatric and Metabolic Institute. "It should have diintervensikan since the beginning to the survival benefit."

Evidence of the health benefits of obesity surgery is increasing at this time. Therefore, the new findings that may surprise many people. So far, the U.S. doctors had obesity surgery more than 200,000 per year with an estimated cost of U.S. $ 3 billion to $ 5 billion.

The new study, released Sunday to coincide with a meeting yesterday and medical, it would appear in the Journal of the American Medical Association published this Wednesday.

Earlier also believed that obesity surgery is useful in improving the quality of life, body weight and decreased symptoms of diabetes, blood pressure, sleep apnea and disease. This makes a lot of people in droves to do surgery.


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