It is feared women from the age of accretion is the appearance of wrinkles and gray hair. To avoid this, many women seek various ways to look younger appearance. But have you ever thought to save memory? Moreover, the aging process actually not only occur in the skin. Brain cells are weakened too risky, so that our memory is at stake.

You know, with age, the brain also shrinks. These conditions trigger the communication between cells of the brain to slow down. As a result, we become senile and difficult to focus. So what can we do to avoid it all?

As reported by Indonesian Prevention pages not long ago, this is a healthy habit we can do for the performance of brain stay young:

1. Sports

Research shows, elderly people who do moderate exercise levels, such as road sports as much as five times a week, managed to suppress the emergence of symptoms of dementia after a routine exercise for six months.

Until now, researchers do not understand with certainty the effectiveness of exercise can reduce deterioration of the brain. But the researchers proved, exercise is very effective in suppressing the production of stress hormones in the brain that affects the whole body functions. Exercise also makes us sleep more soundly, so that the brain's ability to repair damaged cells from optimal blood flow during sleep can occur perfectly.

2. Enjoy the colors of Fruit and Vegetables

Experts advise to people who experience stress level to consume fruits and vegetables. Not just fruit and vegetables of one kind only, but should be varied. Because variation is what will make the brain get various types of antioxidants that can save us from free radical attack.

3. Give "challenge" for the Brain Mental

Randolph Schiffer, Director of the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, explains, the brain is trained on a regular basis will further establish the sharpness of memory. Exercises such as what it take brains? Quite fun because we really do is play, ie play sudoku, chess, or do crossword puzzles.

4. Give Body Good Quality Sleep

Do you know what will be enjoyed by the brain when we sleep eight hours with a good quality? The answer is working memory, cognitive and brain will be more optimal. Therefore, the bed will make the body suppress the production of stress hormones. So the whole body will feel relaxed. "In fact there are parts of the brain are active when we actually fell asleep," said P. Murali Doraiswamy, chief of Biological Psychiatry at Duke University Medical Center and author of The Alzheimer `s Action Plan.

But do not necessarily rely on sleeping pills in order to make the brain to enjoy all the benefits of it. Therefore, instead of sleeping pills side effects on the brain. Therefore, should consult with a physician to eat.

Let's begin to give attention to the brain, protect from now


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