Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt, you all must know. But who would have thought, beautiful and sexy actress was chosen as worst actress, even since 1985.

Yes, the coronation was the worst actress status reported by a survey of the latest movie, made by The survey uses the results of rating films obtained from, to determine winners and losers.

As quoted from the Sydney Morning Herald, Love Hewitt, star in the film I Know What You Did Last Summer is described as worst actress, because switching to movie-themed horror film and its sequel, the movie Garfield and Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit.

Who's the second worst actress, given to the American beauty Mena Suvari star, while the action movie star Chuck Norris was given thumbs up upside down by the fans of the film, and was crowned the worst actors?

While a British film director Mike Leigh emerged at the top, and was awarded as best director, with obtained 90 percent more positive reviews about the movie on the website.

Jennifer Love Hewitt


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