According to the study, children who live in homes with moldy moldy water is not clean, especially the mushroom house clearly visible, has a risk of asthma and allergies are more high-than other children the same age.

Study evaluating the longer 61 international studies conducted since the 1990s that emphasized the importance of not only removing the visible mold, but also prevent its emergence, said study author Christina Tischer, from the German Research Center of Environmental Health was quoted as saying by Reuters

"Environment home with a fungus that can be viewed and exposure to mold spores increase the risk of respiratory allergies in children,” he wrote in "European Respiratory Journal." He told Reuters Health, although it did not mention the discovery of the fungus as the cause so that other research is still needed, laboratory research shows that exposure to mold and mold spores in the air can cause respiratory inflammation.

Overall, children in homes that have visible mold has the possibility of asthma is greater than 49 percent of children are not exposed, and 39 percent more may develop allergies than other children. "The fungus seen on the wall indicates the normal microbial composition out of order, which most often caused by humidity, extreme humidity or damaged buildings," Tischer said.


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