Photo of the Loch Ness monster once shook the world. However, it turns out the photo was shown only fake photos alias hoax. What are the hottest hoaxes in the world?

Loch Ness Photos

Figure famous Loch Ness monster, black and white images show the long neck out of the lake, proved false. New York Times reported, 'monster' is a 12-inch model made of plastic timber and a water toy purchased at Woolworth's in London. The statement from the mouth of Loch Ness and project maker itself Morar, David Martin and Alastaur Boyd.

Diary of Adolf Hitler

According to Time, in 1983, German weekly, Stern, claiming to be the new owner of the diary's most earth-shattering that Adolf Hitler is believed to belong to. At that time, the weekly pay U.S. $ 6 million (USD 51.2 billion) for the document.

The diary was later exposed as a 'counterfeit goods' made on modern paper using ink era of the 1980s. The scam was made editor of Stern, the Sunday Times, and Newsweek lost his job.

World War

On October 30, 1938 there is a broadcast radio adaptation of HG Wells 'World War'. This broadcast managed to make the audience frightened and believed an alien invasion is underway. Orson Wells narrated the broadcast.

Adaptation was written and broadcast such as an actual news broadcast about an alien invasion. Listeners believe is under attack aliens from Mars, listeners were flooded daily offices, radio and the police with the phone asking how to escape from the city.

Invasion of Georgia

Time reported, residents were surprised when the station Imedi Georgia's pro government announced, Georgian leader Mikheil Saakashvili and Russian tanks killed again attacked after a short war in 2008.

The panic began infecting and make people took to the streets and broke up the telephone network. It appears that the broadcast is broadcast as a simulation. However, many citizens of Georgia are injured and reportedly, there is a woman who had a heart attack and die because of this.

Piltdown Man

In 1912, British scientists claim to find evidence of human evolution, 'missing links' between humans and apes. Times reported, the skull and jaw which were collected from caves in Piltdon make many experts believe the remains are unknown from the fossil forms of early humans.

However, 41 years later, finally being exposed as the Piltdown man-made composite, from a medieval human skull, lower jaw 500 years Sarawak orangutan and chimpanzee fossil teeth.

Up Balloon Boy

On October 15, 2009, Richard and Mayumi Heene in Fort Collins, Colorado, flew a balloon filled with helium gas into the atmosphere. Then, they claim, their son was six years old, Falcon, was in it. CNN reported that once the balloon landed, the Falcon was not in it. Later, this kid comes out of hiding in the attic above his garage.

Alien Autopsy

Science Channel reports, video entrepreneur in London, Ray Santilli, claiming to have video alien autopsies performed in 1947 when the Roswell incident. When aired in 1995, the video has attracted the attention of millions of viewers. Then, claiming the video was a fake and say, part of the brain is actually an alien lamb, raspberry jam and chicken intestines.

Microsoft bought the Catholic Church

In a press statement dated 1994 which contains the lines of Vatican City began to spread across the web. Description claimed Microsoft bought the Catholic Church. Statements were quoted Microsoft CEO Bill Gates, "The combination of Microsoft's resources and facilitate the religion and the Catholic Church to be more enjoyable for many people." Microsoft later issued a denial statement that on December 16, 1994.


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