Since the 'petals', a term for Kim Heechul fans 'Super Junior' (SuJu) gave gifts to star in July 2010 and then Heechul, SuJu fans seem to think it a very special gift so that now almost every member of SuJu has a star in a personal capacity. Also, two stars on behalf of the 'Super Junior'.

Star What? Not dolls star or star-shaped things, but really the star in the sky that only appear at night. Apparently, the stars are out of reach it can be traded and are recognized as private property.

The stars could be "traded" or simply given a name. After bought the star, the star owner was given a certificate containing the star name and coordinates of the location of desired star.

Uniquely, the "company" star salesman was very much spread in the online world. The price offered was varied, the range of USD 40 to USD 100.

Heechul has a star named 'Heenim', awarded by international fans during her birthday in 2010. Meanwhile, Leeteuk star named 'Wings PSJ', given by fans of Vietnam as a gift before the leader of SuJu came in the draft.

Then Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, each given by some fans from various countries. Last Yesung is awarded a star by Indian fans. Indonesia has also joined the fans gave Kangin, SuJu member who is being drafted, a star with the name of 'Handsome Youngwoon'.

Until now, members of Super Junior who have not only star Henry, a member of Super Junior M. While Kibum, SuJu any non-active members have a star named after his full name 'KimKibum'. Even Hangeng, a former member of SuJu, also has a star named 'Angelic Hangeng', a gift from Hong Kong fans.

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