Kate Middleton once again proved that she was not a spoiled princess and have served many people. When one of her best friend's wedding, she even came and driving alone!

This may be quite 'unusual', considering she was the wife of Prince William, who one day would become King of England. However, she actually showed that she and her husband is a modern royal couple, who do not always need the help of maids and security guards who guard them.

When present at the wedding and Bella Cohen Sam Waley Balin, one friend who was called as a matchmaker Kate and Will, the woman holding the title Duchess of Cambridge is coming with her sister, Pippa Middleton.

"The wedding was amazing and I saw her attend church with her sister apparently after driving there myself. She was present 20 minutes before the ceremony was held, looked very relaxed and comfortable among the other guests," said one guest invitations.

The guest also said that she had ‘kissing' with one other friend who was also invited, followed the course of the ceremony, and create a 'fence' for the newly married couple outside the church.

"There are safeguards, but in a low level. she looks very pretty, but she made sure she did not surpass the bride in the most important day,” concludes the source.

Kate Middleton - pippa middleton


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