Last weekend was actually quite a lot of new movies in circulation but it seems only Super 8 that had a chance to collect a lot of money. In just the first weekend of this movie has managed to collect money as much as U.S. $ 37 million. No wonder if the movie by JJ Abrams directed successfully rose to the position of the first North American box office.

In addition to carrying a movie SUPER 8 MOODY JUDY AND NOT THE SUMMER BUMMER, TROLLHUNTER, THE TRIP, Bride FLIGHT, and Viva Riva! This was released on 10 June. Unfortunately only two films that made it into the top 10 box office, SUPER 8 in the first position while JUDY MOODY AND NOT THE SUMMER BUMMER can only be followed in order to-7.

SUPER 8 are a wonderful performance. The film which also involves the name of Steven Spielberg has even managed to shift the X-MEN: FIRST CLASS a ruling last week. With the entry of two new films to the top 10 box office so inevitably there are two films are also to be shifted. The top 10 Box office this week was fulfilled by The Hangover PART II, Kung Fu Panda 2, Pirates of the Caribbean: ON Stranger Tides, BRIDESMAIDS, MIDNIGHT IN PARIS, THOR, and FAST FIVE.

J J Abrams


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