Since becoming a bridesmaid when her sister, Kate Middleton is married to Prince William, Pippa Middleton figure in the spotlight, not only because it tastes like a nicely dressed that her sister, but also her love story with several men.

This time, a few rumors circulating, and mention that Pippa could soon follow the footsteps of her sister and became a Duchess. Because the proximity of a nobleman named Pippa and George Earl Percy looks very clear with both of them often come together in various events.

In fact, several times had seen the handsome young nobleman helps Pippa encourage freight train, fun to row with her, joking in some cafes, and accompany Pippa been to a nightclub. This news was widely circulated after the camera caught both of them out of the French restaurant after dinner for 3 hours and brings Pippa returned to his apartment until 2 am.

Earl Percy himself is heir to the throne of one of the 'richest nobles' in Britain, namely the Duchy of Northumberland. Percy will inherit a castle named Alnwick, which was used as Hogwarts School in Harry Potter film, as a prominent member of the royal family in the North of England.


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