Lil Wayne's appearance on MTV's Unplugged that aired on Sunday (12/06/2011) evening American time on MTV2, MTV, and really stole the attention of his fans. Understand it, already a decade past episode of MTV Unplugged was never occupied by the rap star. Finally, Jay-Z in 2001.

Lil Wayne's appearance on the stage of Culver City's Sony Studios that take the recording process on May 13, then look attractive. Accompanied by six members of the band behind him, Lil Wayne gave a special stage action and looks intimate with the audience in the front row.

Of the 18 songs are sung, Lil Wayne's concert opened with Mr. Carter's songs from the album THA CARTER III hers who won a Grammy Award in 2008. Lil Wayne adrenaline pumping live audience from every lyric and piano rebound, and the sound of a background singer named Shanell.

"I held a few months ago, and people like you make me feel I was not there," vent rapper who had just come out of this prison.

"A few months ago, I was in a dark place. I can not explain it. People ask me, how it feels, but I never answer. But since I saw that I still have an audience, I think I've got the perfect song," Lil Wayne is straight-up singing Hail Mary's Tupac Shakur, the lyrics are changed slightly in accordance with his own life story.

After the song, Lil Wayne took the guitar and play single AutoTune of Prom Queen. He then brought Drop The World in a rap that makes the atmosphere heats up. In a way, the band behind Lil Wayne's just really out unplugged versions of some songs which Mrs. Officer and Lollipop.

Not to forget is also hits her single entitled A Milli and new songs from the album namely CARTER IV Nightmares Of The Bottom, followed by 6 Foot 7 Foot. "I do not feel pretty, so I will continue my action," he quoted from

Lil Wayne Unplugged


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