Being one part of the British Empire made an appearance sisters Middleton family is often a public assessment, especially for fashion problems.

Having appeared in her match Zara clothing collection, now turn Pippa and Kate Middleton 'war' style to perform at a wedding friend, Sam Waley-Cohen in the UK.

Apart from her position at the royal palace which is different, this fact is not something surprising, especially Kate and Pippa are known as two beautiful girls who really want to come down to earth and normal as possible.

Well, who is more tap? Let's stick-style peep the following:

Kate Middleton

Walk with her beloved sister, the Dutch of Cambrige it looked beautiful and radiant monochrome black fitted dress patterns white ball-shaped spot that combined black belt.

As a tradition in England to attend the royal wedding, guests are required to use a hat. So also with Kate, she fascinating look with matching hat black patterned 'Krawang'.

Not only that, she still wants to look natural with a black bandage dress worn by combining with the clutch and black high heels.

Pippa Middleton

Pippa does not like the fashion icon Kate Middleton. But Pippa Middleton fashion styles is endless. Even when Pippa appeared with her sister while attending a wedding Sam Waley-Cohen in the UK.

At that time, pippa appear to use one piece dress with a floral combined lime-green coat is darker than the dress she was wearing.

Just like her sister, Pippa also want to look simple yet harmonious look, combine and coat dress with black floral decoration hat and high heels clutch and matching color.

War Style Kate and Pippa Middleton


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