With tactile sensors and visual sensors, this robot can climb up the tree upright.

Treebot is a robot designed to climb trees, so it can help people work in various jobs that need to climb trees.

Created by Lun Lam Tin and Yangsheng Xu of the Chinese University, Hong Kong, clawed robot can climb vertical tree trunks. Ability resulting from tactile sensors that can detect tilt. Starting from seeing the animal tree climber, the two scientists had to make robots capable of performing maneuvers like a real animal.

Treebot had a pair of legs each have a claw that enables the robot to climb in trees and rough textured berkemiringan perpendicular. Although it weighs only 600 grams, but he can carry loads up to 1.75 kg, or three times its own weight.

This robot is supported by a special computational algorithms, so the visual sensor and perabanya can read about the environmental conditions. But the accuracy of the information that he had captured depends on the surrounding light conditions.



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