Replace Spa with just Lying Just think, how much money we spend to relax in the spa, just want to unwind? There is new research that you can try. Instead of spending lots of money, why not try to lie?

This is not an empty advice, but results of a study published in the journal Depression and Anxiety. The researchers randomly ask 68 patients suffering from stress, to try the three types of relaxation treatments. Namely aromatherapy massage, thermotherapy (loss of participants with a heating pad wrapped in towels and warm), and just lay undisturbed.

All participants are encouraged to breathe deeply, as he accompanied the music during the treatment. They conducted 10 sessions with the intensity of one hour for three months. The result, of the three groups, about half of the total participants have decreased about 50 percent of stress symptoms, such as tension and muscle pain.

"The good news is, now there are many strategies that we can do to reduce symptoms of stress. So we just need to choose which is preferred, or trying another type of treatment if the one deemed less suitable," said Evette J. Ludman, PhD, senior research associate at Group Health Research Institute, Seattle, USA. "But, why do not we try to provide regular time at home to just breathe and relax without interruption," she advised.


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