Selena GomezAfter the horrendous fans with news of her illness, eventually Selena Gomez dividing the cause why she was rushed to hospital. Does the news that she was pregnant, as expected many people, right?

One big! The reason is, nausea and dizziness that is felt lover Justin Bieber this when attending an interview with Jay Leno on a TV show is the fatigue and malnutrition. Because of this, Selena was unable to continue the interview and had to be rushed to the hospital.

"I'm very malnutrition, iron deficiency and fatigue. Thanks for coming. If you came last Friday, I'm sorry I could not attend, I love you guys very much," Selena said on stage Santa Monica Place, on Monday (06/13 /2011) instead of her performance that should be scheduled on Friday (06/10/2011).

In her appearance in front of 500 fans of this, Selena already looks much better. After singing Who Says and A Year Without Rain, Selena said, "I really feel better!"


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