Maribeth Collaboration with Keith MartinStill remember with the singer of 'Denpasar Moon' is well known in Indonesia in the era of the 90s? Maribeth will now collaborate with the singer from the United States, Keith Martin.

Bayombong born singer, Philippines, January 14, 1972 was made a song created with Keith. In the meantime, the song titled 'Indonite'.

"Keith, who finished his composer, who made me the lyrics," she said on Thursday (05/16/2011). According to Maribeth, the title was chosen because it has the taste of Indonesia. The singer who has long struggled to be a citizen it would make a song with two languages.

"For now still versioned English and I will launch the Indonesian language version as well," she said.

In the midst of busy life, it Maribeth has the desire to open a business in the field of music. The plan, he will work with Richard Buntario to open a music school.

"Now that's old age, this time sharing to the people. Vowel technical I know, the most important if pupils have a good voice directed us to live, and we are taught how their interactions," said the singer who was a lecturer at one private university in Jakarta.


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