All scheduled concerts and album releases Amy Winehouse had to be postponed because the singer entered rehab. Apparently Amy was secretly held a comeback concert.

Secret concert took place at the 100 Club, London on 12 June. According to the audience, Amy performed very excellent throughout the concert.

"Amy is very fantastic.
She looks and sounds great. Like one of her old concerts.
She made the audience laugh with her jokes, jokes about herself and her father Mitch" said a source quoted by The Sun on Thursday (06/16/2011).

In addition to prime, the widow's clothes look sexy with a slit lower chest. Amy singing her hits likes 'Rehab', 'Valerie' also 'Back to Black'.

Amy is known rehab The Priory on 25 May. Amy's third album after five years did not spawn any new work delayed its release until he is fully recovered from drug addiction and booze.

Amy Winehouse


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