Hewlett-PackardHewlett-Packard (HP) and Oracle's hostile again. This time, HP demanded Oracle-related affairs on its server chips.

HP claims the file contents have been illegally accused Oracle decided the latest version of his database software will not support one line of servers made ​​by HP.

Reported by the BBC and quoted on Thursday (16/06/2011), HP servers using Itanium chips. While Oracle insists that the chip was no longer manufactured.

HP claims that Oracle's decision will disappoint clients that use that server. Meanwhile, Oracle denies the claim and states that the filing of a lawsuit HP 'evil' and do not deserve.

As is known, the fierce competition between HP and Oracle began in Oracle buy Sun Microsystems. Step Oracle is delivered to the market share of server hardware that previously worked with HP.

Relations worsened two years ago when HP Chief Executive Mark Hurd was ousted from his throne and joined Oracle. It is also becoming heated relations between the two major vendors of IT.


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