Zurich - The Battle of the mouth between FIFA and England reached a new phase. FIFA President Sepp Blatter, through its representatives accused the FA as a body behind an arrogant and outdated.

FA chairman David Bernstein to provide resistance to the controversial president, leader of the most popular game in the world selected for the fourth time in Zurich two weeks ago.

Bernstein claimed that what he did was to fight against corruption, which he considers has made Blatter and FIFA without credibility.

However, FIFA vice-president Jim Boyce, who is also from England, returning the ball of fire to the FA by saying it was time for them to forget their failure to host the world cup 2018 and stopped trying to setup their victory in 1966.

In a stinging attack, Boyce, who had just replaced Geoff Thompson, also from England, the FIFA executive committee, said, as reported by the Daily Mail, "Some people think there is an element of arrogance among English football."

"I was disappointed when the British were not chosen as the host of the World Cup, but it's time to forget. I certainly will help them in any way that I could (in a new role), but they must rise from the disappointment. "

"There seems to be the attitude of feeling that English football should get something since '66. The more severe since the last 20 years."

"We need to rebuild bridges and strengthen existing relationships. I will do everything I can to help achieve it and will represent the four UK countries."

Boyce was elected and has served since June 1, and apparently will be the last British person who shall serve for a FIFA Preident, Sepp Blatter.

Although he attacked the British, but he acknowledged that FIFA should eliminate elements that do not perform their responsibilities under the liver.

Boyce added: "Coverage of the election of FIFA and all the negative news is very important. Bad news is published in my opinion comes from a FIFA executive committee members who act wrong.

"What should happen is, if we find people who commit acts of a deviant, we are through FIFA President will take action and show that we cannot tolerate such actions," he concluded.

Sepp Blatter


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