Coldplay's lead singer, Chris Martin, knows how to treat his wife. He took his wife, actress Gwyneth Paltrow, Coldplay's latest to the show, which was kept secret from the public and media.

Tuesday (5/31/2011) Last night in London (UK), the couple was up Underground (London subway), not a limousine that cool. The other passenger was surprised to see two famous people that appear in the Station Swiss Cottage, north London.

A passenger claimed initially thought Martin and Paltrow are two teenagers who are giggling. "Gwyneth menguncir hair back and almost no makeup. He was wearing a hoodie (hooded head dress)," the story of a source. "They embraced on the platform and sat on the train when they seem cordial," he continued.

When that Paltrow and Martin was on his way to a Coldplay's secret show in Kentish Town, where the band featuring new material from their new album which will release. Before the show started, the manager of the group ask each person to shut up about the show-even through Twitter and Facebook.

Go to Twitter, Paltrow send a photo shot of the two children, Moses and Apple, in place of the show, incorporating the words, "M + A secret gig at Coldplay's new songs = genius."


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