EVERY preschool proved to have a different curriculum. Some use the Montessori method, there is also a multiple intelligences approach.

Many ways to establish and develop the character of a child. Therefore, every preschool has its own way, of course, considered the best in educating children. Planet Kidz for example, preschool is believed that to provide the best for the child's development, the school is applying the principles of early childhood education (ECD), which recommended the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

These principles Planet Kidz is the excess, ie according to stages of child development curriculum based on multiple approaches intelligences.Pendekatan includes aspects of social, emotional, physical, and intellectual. Kidz Planet is also supported with an educational game facilities.

In terms of faculty, Planet Kidz have teachers who interact with children individually and report on child development to parents. The school was working with parents to reach a more optimal child development.

The unique, although Planet Kidz classified national-plus school, this school makes pure Indonesian language as the official introduction. Meanwhile, the English language is given only once a week.

"We believe in order to absorb a foreign language, children must be established before their mother tongue," said Principal Ama Noersatryo Planet Kidz.

Not only that, the school is trying to develop a sense of love for the Motherland. For example, by teaching folk songs to the students. Students are also invited to see a simple song.

On other days, students are invited to learn to play traditional musical instruments, such as Gamelan and Angklung. Parents even allowed to play a musical instrument with the guidance of teachers.

Meanwhile, Modern Montessori International (MMI) Menteng Preschool curriculum based on Montessori methods. The school has a curriculum, including practical life, sensorial education, communication and language skills, and mathematics. Training of practical life gives children the opportunity to develop physical, emotional, and social.

Sensorial education or any activity that aims to stimulate the five senses. There is also a communication and language skills, as well as cultural studies that include botany and zoology, geography, and mathematics subjects sejarah.Adapun specifically designed to foster children since the early favorite in the figures with a fun way.

According to the owner of MMI Menteng Preschool Rozana M Daecyanti, any materials provided to students always begin with the concrete first, then the abstract.

"For example, if teachers want to introduce an animal, it begins by showing the doll first. New they are asked to arrange the animal pictures in the puzzle, "said the woman who greeted this Daecy.

Similar to learn mathematics. They are taught to calculate the number of blocks in advance by following the guidance of teachers. After that, they are shown the number according to the number of blocks that are contained in a carton. Students were asked felt that number by hand.

Figure numbers are somewhat prominent making it easier for students in the catch figures. Daecy added, Montessori method enriched with toys edukasi.Untuk arithmetic lessons, Montessori has a tool to count the game until the number 10,000. No wonder the students Menteng Preschool 4 year old who is still advanced to calculate the nominal.

Menteng Preschool uses the language of instruction in English and Indonesian. Well, at the preschool I Smile, the language used is bilingual between English and Mandarin.Untuk curriculum, preschool preschool I Smile adopted in Singapore and coupled with the multiple intelligences approach.

Implemented preschool curriculum I Smile touched eight aspects of learning, namely language, logic, visual, artistic, musical, intrapersonal, interpersonal, naturalistic, and kinaesthetic.

The need for all aspects of learning is filled with the presence of learning centers in area schools. Schools in the area Permata Hijau, South Jakarta, this has the corners arts, sports, music, science, culture, and mathematics. This facility coupled with the presence of the library that teaches children to the hobby of reading.


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