The Lost Treasures of photographs of legendary music artist (the late) Jim Morrison (1943-1971), who immortalized in 1968, has been found in a warehouse.

In that year, a European photo agency has been assigned to photograph the band's lead singer of The Doors is by a U.S. teen magazine. However, none of the photos used. The images are actually stored and forgotten. When the warehouse in question is cleaned, was found 51 sheets of A4-sized original photo. No information about the location of the warehouse and when the photos were found.

The pictures were then taken by a collector and offered to the fans of The Doors by The Doors Collectors Magazine. "We do not have a film (negative) or copyright of the photographs, you feel the same way! Once the photos were not there anymore, you will not see it anymore!" so the sound of an advertisement on the photos in the magazine's website.


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