iPad World's Most Expensive $ 1.2 MillionApple gadgets, one of the iPad, known as a premium product with a price range a bit more expensive than similar products of other vendors released. But the second generation iPad this one is really very expensive, worth about USD 1.2 Million, Wow!

Certainly not without reason if iPad 2 is priced so expensive. It's all the same features with iPad 2 in general, the difference is a 'skin' outer wrapped in diamonds. Diamond company based in London, England, named Camael Diamonds has created a iPad 2, which claims the world's most expensive.

As quoted from Ubergizmo on Monday (6/13/2011), in addition to diamonds sprinkled, the iPad body 2 is also coated with gold. Required at least 1 kilogram of 18 carat gold and diamond 300 carats to bind the whole body of the iPad. Apple logo on the back remains highlighted. Diamonds Camael makes it look more luxurious with a sprinkle of apple logo with black diamonds.

Thus, two creations Camael iPad Diamonds are joined by a row of fancy gadgets sharing. As is known companies such as Versace, for example, had also presented a gold-plated luxury mobile phones and diamond throne. Companies like Camael Diamonds and Versace indeed have specialized juggle gadgets 'normal' a luxury which make others chuckle admiringly at him.


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