Toothache Better than Hurt?Toothache Better than Hurt? the term is now recognized by researchers who claim that unrequited love is more than just an emotional response.

From the experiments done by researcher’s show that was decided by a loved one will activate the brain that is usually more associated with the process of physical pain, such as burning sensation when the fire ignited. This finding explains why a broken heart is very painful and lasted so long.

Researchers from the University of Michigan conducted experiments on 40 male and female love relationship foundered. All respondents acknowledged that the experience makes them very hurt.

Respondents were then asked to observe a variety of images, while their brains are scanned by the researchers. Apparently, looking at photos of former and touched with hot objects is more painful than the thought of a friend or be touched by a colder object. They also said that thinking about it as painful breakup with a hot body rub.

Meanwhile, the analysis of scanning results showed that the same brain area "lights up" when processing the two types of pain. "The result of this discovery gives new meaning to the idea that social rejection is painful," said researcher Ethan Kross.

At first glance, when we accidentally spilled hot coffee into your body, or think how it feels to be rejected (disconnected), looking at the picture of the former, you expect to get a different type of pain. However, research published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows, both types of pain is similar to one another.

This study also shows that the longer, the activity in the brain behind this emotional bond decreased. That is, the pain will slowly fade over time as well.


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