City of Paris France is not only a concert venue 'SMTOWN Live In Paris' was held, but also SMTOWN in Paris Writers & Publishers Conference 2011, which was held at the Marriot Rive Gauch Hotel.

This event itself was attended by the number one in Korea SM Entertainment artist management who had given birth to famous stars that Lee Soo Man. She came along with Kim Young Min, SNSD Tiffany and Teddy Riley. In addition, approximately 50 composers from across Europe attended the event.

Tiffany himself appointed to represent BC and gave presentations to the system and the training process as well as the debut of SM Entertainment.

The conference was indeed created a package with SMTOWN Live in Paris. The goal, SME not only displays music performances from artists under the banner of BC, but also to show their musical style to the world and actively trying to establish communication.

Tiffany SNSD


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