Namon Nassef creates ZLD to reduce waste. This tool converts waste into water vapor.

There are many ways to keep the earth from destruction. One of them is to reduce waste. Namon Nassef creates a tool that can reduce waste at sea. The device is a Zero Liquid Sewage Discharge Elimination System (ZLD).

Ships with a capacity of 3,000 people typically carry 200,000 gallons of waste water in the toilet its passenger’s one-way trip. ZLD created to reduce the amount of waste.

This tool uses engine heat to vaporize and oxidize waste toilet, bathroom, and kitchen vessels.

ZLD can be mounted anywhere on the ship. The way it works, sewage flowed into the toilet tank, and then flowed through pipes into ZLD.

Further waste into the homogenizer, the machine contains 3 pairs of dirt crusher knife. This machine works to destroy and extract dirt particles to be small.

Then injector will work with high-pressure waste heat until juices evaporate and oxidize in the form of aerosols. This process produces no odor, and finally product is carbon dioxide and water vapor clean.

Nassef create ZLD since 2004. Through the experiment 11 times, the latest version can now work only with the use of energy equivalent to 10 100-watt bulb.

In 2007 this tool to certificate approval from the U.S. Coast Guard. Not only for ships, the tool is of course also be used in airplanes and trains.

Zero Liquid Sewage Discharge Elimination System


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