Rumor says, there will be competition between sisters career, Kate and Pippa Middleton. That prediction was stated by Oprah Winfrey and Barbara Walters.

Oprah and Barbara said, that Middleton would be fantastic to guide the American talk show circuit.

"Several years ago, when Kate briefly broke up of Prince William, Barbara tried to hire him as co-host," said the source who told the National Enquirer.

Pippa MidletonBut now Barbara think Pippa is more charming than her sister. Pippa is young and beautiful. She is considered to be suitable, and her program will get great ratings!

Known, not just Barbara who seducing Pippa to guide her show. Oprah also targeting Pippa to become host of her own television network.

"Oprah knew the show would get great ratings because Pippa has a burning passion, and America is so obsessed with the kingdom," added the source.

Although rumors have said that Pippa has received several bids, she was not ready to decide. Pippa is reportedly hesitated to make big decisions in her life.


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