Hat are the accessories required to use the British women in attending major events such as Royal Ascot.

Royal Ascot is an event activity that is very large and important in the UK. In addition to the race event consists of racing horses and all the kingdom's gamble detail, which also draw from this series of events it is Ladies Day.

Ladies Day In a series of events, Hats and headpiece used by the guests invited into the public spotlight. How not, a lot of strange parade of hats and scattered headpice adorn the Royal Ascot event. Like what?

As quoted Dailymail, not fixed by the Telegraph columnist, Bryony Gordon, graced Ladies Day with a hat 'windswept picnic' - complete with a flag - in his head. While Beth Simpson, winner of the competition Majestic Peter Jones Millinery, assessed by Philip Treacy.

Not The Dutch of Cambriage name if not into the public spotlight. This time the beloved wife of Prince Williams was present stunning dishes using hats flying in the opening ceremony of the Royal Ascot is attended by more than 3,000 invitations.

Aimee Nazroo sexy model posing with a hat-shaped box that read Modern Milk milk. While Isabell Kritensen graced the cover of his head with a simple daisy design Dede Valentine.

Meanwhile, after a controversy with the design of Philip Treacy hat worn during the Royal Wedding, Princess Beatrice looks calmer while attending the Royal Ascot.

On that occasion, not only a stylish man. The foal is also wearing a strange hat. Famous old hat designed by Stephen Jones was priced at a remarkable, 8,000 pounds.


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