The New Liverpool 2011-2012 KitsThe passing of the new season ahead, the European elite clubs busy-busy releasing new costumes they'll wear next season. This time, Liverpool's turn to introduce him.

For costume design last season 2011/2012, the Reds will use the initial design they used in 1892 and they never wear again in the era of the mid-1980s.

Reds third costume that looks "weird" because it uses a white base color and showed absolutely no element of The Red. On the arm of the costume, even there are three strips of blue and decorated with diagonal lines in the right chest which consists of a combination of blue and black.

Three blue stripes also adorn the shoulder to sticking to the arm. As in circumference lengkar, there domoninasi cuff blue with a thin black line combinations.

The costumes will begin traded freely on the market from 14 July.

Adidas logo is emblazoned on the chest of new kostrum it will change for next season because of the Kop will use Warrior Sports Apparel products.

Warrior Sports is a company from Boston, USA, which manufactures sports equipment products and equipment with the New Balance brand. Fantastic number of contracts for 25 million pounds (about Rp350 billion) offered by Warrior Sports Adidas is only compared to 12 million pounds (about Rp168 billion), making the management of the Reds did not hesitate to let go of Adidas.


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